Collection Manager

Collection Manager is an easy to use simple means of managing your collections.
You can have as many collections as you wish.
There is no limit to the number of items that a collection can have.
You can store as many images and any amount of text for each item in your collection.
You are not bound by the details you need to enter for each item, as you can enter what you like using the free text feature of Collection Manager.
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Flight Logger

Flight Logger is a simple flight logging app for paraglider, paramotor and hang-glider pilots.
Store lists of Sites, Wings, Motors and Other kit.
Log the time flown at various sites on your wings and motors.
Generate reports showing the total hours flown by year, by site, by wing and motor.
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SecureNotes (SDL-Secure)

Protect your personal details.
Only share secret or private details with those you choose to.
Use SecureNotes to secure your private information or any details that you wish to keep secure from prying eyes.
No more scraps of paper with personal data lying around for the wrong people to see.
No worries if your phone gets lost or stolen, your notes will be safe.
Share your files between your PC and phone or tablet.
Now you can take your secure data with you.
Get it now from the Google Play Store.