SDL-Secure (Secure Notes for PCs)

Protect your personal details. Only share secret or private details with those you choose to. Use SDL-Secure to secure your data. No more scraps of paper with personal data lying around for the wrong people to see. No worries if your laptop or PC gets stolen, your data will be safe. Not many of us can remember all our bank account numbers, logons, passwords and pin numbers. Even more difficult is trying to remember all our usernames and passwords for on-line accounts. Use SDL-Secure to secure these details for you. Simply copy and paste or type them into a single file, and SDL-Secure will do the rest. When you want to see the details, simply use SDL-Secure do display them. SDL-Secure uses a dual-layer of encryption so not even our support team can view your data.

SDL-Secure encrypts files containing information that you need to access or store on your PC or laptop, but that you don’t want others to be able to read. Data can be typed into the files or cut and pasted into them. You can create as many files as you wish. Only plain text can be encrypted. (Photos can be inserted in your files but will serve no purpose as they will not be included as part of the encrypted file.)

Create secure files containing personal information like passwords and details of bank accounts, online accounts, software codes.

Create one file or as many smaller files as you wish. Encrypted files can be copied to any media storage device. Share the files via systems like DropBox.

Email encrypted files to others. (The person receiving the document will need a copy of SDL-Secure and the document's password details to be able to decrypt it.)

(Sorry, this product is current unavailable. Please leave your details on our support page, so that we can contact you when it becomes available.)